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Bumble was one of those movies we all have been waiting for  years. If your a true Transformer franchise fan and you grew up watching Transformer cartoons you know what I mean. Travis Knight’s BumbleBee is the best by far Tranformer installment I have seen so far. Bumblebee starts  with instant live action and it was intense. Most […]

Hey, my fellow movie goers. I know the holidays are around the corner and your thankful for alot of things this year. I have a movie you need to check out and that is Creed II. I’m a big fan of Sylvester Stallone who played (Rocky Balboa) and Dolph Lundgren who played (Ivan Drago) in the […]

Most of you know I am a history junkie and a army veteran myself so I was drawn to this movie and I had a pleasure to interview Gary and Joe.  This movie centers around a phenomenal man who changed the course of history with one decision and that was to defeat Hitler. That man […]

            Okay my ‪#‎comicjunkies‬ the ‪#‎lushreviews‬ are in on‪#‎batmanvsupermanmovie‬ #2016 it hit theaters today . I was not that impressed. I had some issues with the story line. Some parts left you confused. ‪#‎henrycavill‬ who plays ‪#‎superman‬ did a outstanding job and his body was ripped on this one. ‪#‎amyadams‬ […]

  #Fast&Furious7 was intense. It blew the box office wide open on opening day. First off they had kurt Russell , Tony jaa , iggy and bad asses RONDA ROUSEY and Jason in there. Jason and the Rock had a slug match. Ronda was kicking ass. This movie was 2 hours of non – stop […]

#dawnoftheplanetoftheApes #movies #2014 #lushreview This movie has action in it and it is meaningful .. Caesar must go up against the humans. He has now built a civilization for his ape family . Ceasars life is threaten by his own fellow apes and the humans. Caesar must fight to protect what he loves.. We give it 5 stars.. #must see

Best-selling Author Zane takes Addicted to the Big Screen.  Addicted is one of 35 published books from Zane. All best sellers. If your looking for a hot steamy love and sex novel with morals, Zane gives it to you. This book gone movie is taking fantasies to a new height. The movie is based on […]

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