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The Lush Radio Team

Kwan Lee was born on August 10, 1986 in Brooklyn, NY. Kwan was no stranger to Hip-Hop, remembering when his mom used to bring home tapes and let him play the old ones all day. He has been rapping what he feels is a long time. He is also a producer and a videographer. He […]

Hustle was born in Watts, California. Since he was a kid, he loved music and was influenced by K-Day 1580 AM and Soultrain.  This was the beginning to building his career as a DJ and dancer.  He found enjoyment in organizing the music entertainment during his mother’s parties on her record player.  He eventually found […]

Publisher/C.E.O/E.I.C/ Writer/Poet/ Host /Motivational Speaker/Radio Personality/Program Director/ Organizer/ Event Planning/Activist/Daugther/Niece/ Woman/ Sister/ Mother/ Friend. I’m a very social and friendly person, usually the one either organizing the event or working it, lol. I have a huge heart (which is my greatest downfall) and I’m a loyal and forever friend, (just don’t take me for granted.) […]

Mojisola Edu also known as Lush is an individual with a vision, the voice of the people, US Army Veteran and a force to be reckoned with. With 12 yrs in the industry and an award winning internet Radio Personality, Lush is the go to person for contracts, PR, anythingdealing with branding . She is […]

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