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  Advance Screening of Captain Marvel. One of the strongest marvel hero’s. The movie gives us the  back story of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) She is a woman who never gave up no matter how many times she got knocked down. She was Air force pilot. Aim high and she did. It changed her life. […]

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NETFLIX’s New Interactive Movie Bandersnatch

  Okay everyone, you were caught up with #BirdBox and it made you think. Netflix is changing the way we watch movies and shows. A new edition to Netflix, you might want to watch if your not scared. Black Mirrors “Bandersnatch” “Bandersnatch”uses Netflix’s interactive story features to allow the audience to choose what happens to Stefan, a […]

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Bumblebee Movie Is the best Tranformer Movie ever made !

Bumble was one of those movies we all have been waiting for  years. If your a true Transformer franchise fan and you grew up watching Transformer cartoons you know what I mean. Travis Knight’s BumbleBee is the best by far Tranformer installment I have seen so far. Bumblebee starts  with instant live action and it was intense. Most […]

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March 23rd 2019 Lushradioonline is bringing #shewinsconference2019 to Washington DC. #leadership #networking#coaching #finance #entrepreneurship #photography #research#science #womenintech #leaders #winning #veterans #government#mentoring #womeninbusiness #motivational #empower Empowering Women through their journey. Our speakers are a diverse group of women from different industries. Our speakers are DrJudy Staveley, Rhonda Fairley Tharpe ,Krista Tuomi, Meshelle Howard, Cate Fulkerson ,April Harris and Lush of Lushradioonline. Our Honorees will me Meghan Ogilvie and Karen Maria Alston. Focusing on […]

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CREED 2- Movie Review by Lush of Lushradioonline

Hey, my fellow movie goers. I know the holidays are around the corner and your thankful for alot of things this year. I have a movie you need to check out and that is Creed II. I’m a big fan of Sylvester Stallone who played (Rocky Balboa) and Dolph Lundgren who played (Ivan Drago) in the […]


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The struggle is real, but sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration and a few positive quotes to get you prepared for the week ahead.

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