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Most of you know I am a history junkie and a army veteran myself so I was drawn to this movie and I had a pleasure to interview Gary and Joe.  This movie centers around a phenomenal man who changed the course of history with one decision and that was to defeat Hitler. That man […]

Join the conversation on @ 8pm Wednesday June 21, 2017 as Host Lush with her guest cohost Rhonda Supreme pay tribute to Prodigy (Rest In Paradise). With Sickle Cell awareness day acknowledged just this past Monday June 19, this tragic irony has caused our community to approach the subject of this condition and the […]

BCFEST 2017 Highlights “ART, CULTURE, MUSIC,CLIMATE CHANGE,FOOD & HEALTH   People came out in the rain and the mud to witness this amazing event called Broccoli Fest. This was my second go around for the big event. This year there were bigger acts and bigger sponsors. Tidal was a big sponsor this year , which […]


   @LushRadioOnline On The Grind’s Rhonda Supreme, along with Lush of LushRadioOnline, interview Marissa Alexander! Alexander’s story gained national attention and shed light on sentencing policies as well as the Stand Your Ground Law. Marissa Alexander was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in August of 2010 for firing a single warning shot after being […]

Lushradioonline , Platform Magazine & On the Grind with Rhonda Supreme were able to catch this star studded event on camera. The contestants we amazing and it was star power on the panel such as Bill Joy who produced music for the movie the Butler , Mike Zombie who produced for Drake and Sylvia Morrison […]

  Audio interview- Dope band from the DMV area  


  The Actors corner on LushRadioOnline Ft Michaelsunlee & Lorynn York two great actors . Listen to them speak about “Fuller House on Netflix” &” The Carpenter’s Daughter” on Lifetime.

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