NETFLIX’s New Interactive Movie Bandersnatch

Written by on December 30, 2018


Okay everyone, you were caught up with #BirdBox and it made you think. Netflix is changing the way we watch movies and shows. A new edition to Netflix, you might want to watch if your not scared. Black Mirrors “Bandersnatch” “Bandersnatch”uses Netflix’s interactive story features to allow the audience to choose what happens to Stefan, a young video game developer living in 1984. What begins as a tale of Stefan pursuing his dreams in the industry quickly morphs into…well, not that. Everything but that. It’s all the player’s fault. The player is you. I got freaked out at first. It tells you chose left or right to pick this guys story and every decision you make determines what happens to him. This interactive tv on another level. It’s been talked about but Netflix actually did it. Watching tv has evolved. Watch it with friends and see what your ending will be. #bandersnatch Bandersnatch is reference to Lewis Carroll’s “looking-glass” who wrote Alice in wonderland.  P.S. there are so many different endings but, its your choice that decides the fate of all the characters. It will make you think. #netflix 





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