Traci Braxton: Doing Things on her own, Braxton Family Values & new Album smash, ‘Crash & Burn’

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Traci Braxton: Doing Things on her own, Braxton Family Values & new Album smash, ‘Crash & Burn’

October 5, 2014 | Patricia ‘Blu’ Freeman


Traci Braxton’s dreams of solo success have been deferred for more than 18 years. Over 18 years of being, what looked like, in the shadows of her sisters. Although long awaited, when it comes to achieving one’s dreams some things are just worth the wait. Despite several career setbacks, she been on a journey of artist and actress and kept and that unwavering philosophy that has kept the determined singer focused on completing her debut LP, Crash & Burn.


Backed by a record label, the boisterous Braxton is ready to have her voice heard by the masses with the release of Crash & Burn. Powered by the hypnotic lead single Last Call, the album is Traci Braxton 100% unfiltered. Showcasing the talented singer s full vocal range, the project takes listeners on an emotional, no-holds-barred journey through Traci s life. It s what fans have come to expect from the star, who had no qualms about addressing the rollercoasters of life challenges and her personal issues with her husband of 18 years, Kevin, on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.


With the success of ‘Braxton Family Values’ on We Network, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, The Traci Braxton Radio Show and now the debut of her new hit album smash, ‘Crash & Burn’, Traci Braxton is no longer just ‘Toni Braxton’s sister’. She is a very talented woman, standing on her own, with her own voice and success as an actress and artist. Just for a moment, see the world of Traci Braxton  through her eyes as she speaks on her long awaited debut, her life and family, her success as an artist and her new album, ‘Crash & Burn’.



This new album is a long time coming, Tell us a bit about your Journey as an artist and actress


Where to begin! This journey took me 18 years, lol….but it was worth the wait. I had a beautiful son name Kevin and my husband Kevin Sr. Back in the 90’s I was able to learn this business through my sisters and of course the business has now changed today, however it changed for the better.  I never looked at myself as being in the shadow my sisters. My sisters  moved forward to sign a recording contract I chose to give birth to my son and work. The opportunity to work on Braxton Family Values, gave us all a platform to maximize our talents on and off the show and work on other projects.


What have you learned from the experience of the years of waiting to launch your solo album, being an actress on BFV, the Radio Show and finally success of debuting ‘Crash & Burn’.


Patience, hard work and commitment is the key. Understand, it’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that comes along with maintaining all of these different roles at once, however I get the job done and I enjoy what I do. What I have learned  is that, when you have a family at home and you’re always on the road, doing press, performing or filming, at times it become overwhelming, not just for me, but for my Husband  and Son and I have to make sure that I make the necessary time for them.


You released your new album, ‘Crash & Burn’ October 10th, tell us about the album and the inspiration behind it.


Crash & Burn was released on October 7th, on Toni’s birthday.  Crash & Burn is about my life and the many changes and challenges that I faced. Crash & Burn is basically my life story and the choices that I made. It’s not about me crashing or burning, but its about me going out to live my dreams and take life by the horns, because it’s my bull and I’m going to follow my dreams. If all fails, its all on me to say, ok I tried this and now I need get back up, brush myself off and and try it again or try something new. Listen to track 11 Song: Crash & Burn


Were the producers on the album able to stay true to your vision and what was your experience working with them on this album?


My producers  on Crash & Burn are Chris Smith, David Lindsey and Bobby Terry of Soul World Entertainment. These guys knew my vision to create this album. It took a year and 24 songs later to create Crash & Burn and 11 of those 24 songs  appear on the album.


Who else appeared on the album with you and how was it working with them?


Raheem DeVaughn is featured on one of the songs called “Stay Sippin” and Tank wrote “Prefect Time”. Both guys were a blessing to work with. My Brother Michael Braxton wrote “Reasons”.  Here is the story behind “Reasons”.  Michael, wrote this song for Toni Braxton 14 years ago, and Toni recorded the song. Unfortunately the song never made it on her album and because I loved this song so much I asked him could I have it to record on my album Crash & Burn. He then said, “you need to ask Toni” lol… so I called up Toni and asked if I could record “Reasons” for my album and without any hesitation she blessed me to go ahead and record the song. How about that!


How supportive are your family? Share how that makes you feel.


Our families (sisters) are all very supportive of what we’re all doing collectively together and Individually. The support that we get feels great,  yes I know at times what you see on TV with the the back-and-forth, between us all is crazy, however at the end of the day my sisters and I love each other like crazy and that will never, ever change.


What advice would you give upcoming artists on their passions and the business?


Remain humble, ask questions, learn the business, and stay true to yourself!


You look absolutely amazing. Share your your  health/wellness journey and how that changed you?


Thank you Sweetie, I get my exercise in and I eat a lot of salads, but sometimes I do sneak in some foods that my trainer would not approve of..shhhh  lol….



What’s next for Traci Braxton?


More Music, Radio hosting, I would love to try out acting.


We can’t end the interview without a fashion/Style related question. If you were a garment, accessory or Shoe, what would you be and why?


Hmmmmm I would be those Alexander McQueen boots I wore on the cover of my album, Sexy and Fierce!


Showing her fans love, she affectionately calls her ‘TraBirds’, Traci says, ‘This album will touch a lot of people at their home base. Everyone goes through rollercoasters in their relationships – and their feelings of love, hurt, betrayal and support… so you get all of that on Crash & Burn. It s been a long process to get here, but I’m glad I waited and wasn’t rushed.’ Traci continues, ‘Overall God had a plan for me and his plan is currently working out for me to be a solo artist and thank goodness for Social Media! I love my #TraBirds’


There you have it. Singer, songwriter and actress Traci Braxton is making her mark as an artist in her own right. To see more of what Traci is up to, updates on current music or Shows and events, check out her social media pages. Twitter: @TraciBraxton and Instagram: @TheRealTraciBraxton. For bookings/media: Sonji Carey, Publicist. Email:


*Crash & Burn is now Available at retailers and online at ITunes link: . Two bonus tracks are Available at BestBuy Exclusively.


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