Red Carpet

  Actor John Cena and wrestler of  WWE is starring in this movie along with an amazing cast. John Cena has done some amazing work on screen and in the ring. As a transformer lover I am excited about this new installation in the transform franchise.  Bumble Bee is a fan favorite but, instead of […]

BCFEST 2017 Highlights “ART, CULTURE, MUSIC,CLIMATE CHANGE,FOOD & HEALTH   People came out in the rain and the mud to witness this amazing event called Broccoli Fest. This was my second go around for the big event. This year there were bigger acts and bigger sponsors. Tidal was a big sponsor this year , which […]

Mitch Credle World Premiere of Boss.. It was a star studded event covered byLushradioonline & The Platform Magazine VIP It was a packed house and Traci Braxton graced the red carpet along with Corey Hawkins mother who plays Dr. Dre on Straight outta of Compton. This Movie was a great production and a great cast. […]

DJ Hustle caught up with Problem this past Grammy weekend. Problem is working new music and pushing Diamond Lane America. In 2008 Problem and his cousin founded Diamond Lane Music Group, Problem and his label mate Bad Lucc have that it factory when they put out great music the clubs go crazy. Problem has a […]

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