Lush of Lushradioonline, live at DC Now Events  “Purple Gala”  in Washington, DC.  This exclusive event was held in the only castle in DC. Who knew that DC had a castle. It was an amazing experience. They had media, chefs, fashion shows, speakers, exotic drinks and more. If you missed it you should kick yourself.  […]

 Amazing event brought to you  by @IconTalks @johnburnsdc sponsored by @comcastuniversal @titosvodka @courvoisierusa @Fedex #astonmartindc#ben #monarch @motionpictureassociation Celebrating #multiculturalism and #diversity Honoring amazing trailblazers like Rep. Maxine Waters #DeDeLea of @viacom @unapologetically Tanya of @At&t,  Jeff Friday of @dcblackfilmfest @KarenHorne of @comcastuniversal #NBC and @AngelaYee of the @BreakFastClubam. Everyone and their  mother was at this event. It was packed out. We saw Angie Gates in the building […]

  Actor John Cena and wrestler of  WWE is starring in this movie along with an amazing cast. John Cena has done some amazing work on screen and in the ring. As a transformer lover I am excited about this new installation in the transform franchise.  Bumble Bee is a fan favorite but, instead of […]

Chris Meloni  of Law & Order SVU  and Blue Bloods  is killing it on the #1 most watched series on  SyFy.  I’m a SyFy junkie and this series is based on a comic book.  Patton Oswalt plays the voice of Happy , the imaginary crazy unicorn.  Meloni plays Nick Sax. HAPPY! is based on New […]

Our own @emmae2k of @e2kworldwidellc will be live hosting her amazing show #motivationmonday #motivationalmondays on Monday at 9am eastern time. Jumpstart your morning. #radioshow#morningshow live on or call in 213-943-3705 #media #radio #media #lushradioonline #emmae2kquotes Click to listen

Click to listen to Motivational Monday’s hosted by @EmmaE2K    


Darren Hanible is a Artist from out off the DMV who  raps , sings , plays the drums and produces.

  This Friday we have one of the hottest female dj’s out here. She was‪#‎MaxB‬‘s dj and French Montana ‘ s dj. She broke mad artist in the game. @djlazyk is live with us. ‪#‎lazykproductions‬ ‪#‎murdahbaby‬. We got the young star on the rise Dyson Alexander @daweapon01 and we have model @ashelyzee1 this Friday call in 3478267722 […]

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