Q&A with Amanda Rhodes of the hit new Web Series Bae @First Swipe

Written by on November 1, 2015

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1.What made you decide to be apart of a web series?
I decided to create this web series because I was tired of complaining about not seeing the images I wanted to see on Television. I wanted to showcase the rich diversity of Black people that I see in everyday life. When you watch television you don’t see a lot of Black people who are the heroes, especially when they are young Black people. To be honest from what I see, Black actors, especially Black women don’t get lead roles until they get much older. Even still those roles don’t really reflect the diversity of our reality. I decided to stop waiting for change. I would get better results if I just rolled up my sleeves and started making the changes myself. 

2. Have you acted before this series ?

I have acted in a few plays around the area with community theater. My most recent one was last year with Arena Players in Baltimore which is the oldest continuously running African American Theater in the country. I liked that their theater really focused on African-American stories. 

3. What do you what people to get from this series?

I want people to see how young Black millennials are living and what we are doing. Many times you see TV shows that showcase the struggle of being young and in your 20s. However you don’t really see that from the Black perspective which has it’s unique difference from other races. I also want people to see the variety of different types of young black people. This show is all about showcasing the variety of young Black people. I want viewers to say, “that’s just like my friend so and so.”

4. What have you learned through the production of this web series?

I have learned to be patient for sure. Also to be flexible in your approach. You can still stay true to your goal but have a flexible approach in order to achieve that goal. But being patient in number one. I have been really lucky to have family and friends remind me of that along this journey and it’s really essential to any success you want to achieve in life. 

5. Are there any other business ventures you are working on other than the series? Who would you like to work with in the industry ?

My main focus is the series. I want to give it my full focus so that I can do it well. I have other web series ideas and movies that I want to develop, but I’m remembering to be patient and take it one project at a time.
I have so many people I would love to work with in the industry, there is soo much talent that doesn’t get enough recognition. I would love to work and learn from the Black producers and directors in Hollywood like Will Packer, Tracey Edmonds, Rick Famuyiwa, F. Gary Gray, the list goes on. In terms of actors, if Cicely Tyson were in anything I wrote, my life would be made, she is the definition of magical. 

6. Are their any charities your working with since it’s close to the holiday season?

Not currently but we are working towards having one in the new year. 

7. Any advice for the youth out here trying to get in the industry?

If you are in anyway trying to get into the entertainment industry my biggest piece of advice is to start. Take a class, start filming, start writing, start acting. Get the training in. Spike Lee came to Karibou bookstore when I was a kid and he told the audience if you want to be a filmmaker start by taking photos with a disposable camera. Also if you feel you aren’t getting roles you can always make a web series idea with other people who are looking to showcase their talent as well. The  creator of the web series Coming Home started her project because she wanted footage of herself acting and now she is working on season two and has a following. You have to seek opportunity, it doesn’t always come to you. 

8.Will there be a next season?

9. How do people get in contact with you via social media?
Follow us on Instagram @Bae_at_first_swipe, Twitter:@baeatfirstswipe, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/baeatfirstswipe/
Also check out our website at www.baeatfirstswipe.com

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