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We sat down with Cheo Coker , who is the Executive producer , writer and creator  of Luke Cage series on Netflix and Simone Missick who plays Misty knight. They talked about the music and what viewer’s will get from this series. As you know Luke cage is a original Marvel comic but, with this new series we get a back story on Luke Cage. The story is action packed , gritty and hard hitting. The series deals with what we as society are dealing with on a daily basis along , with real life issues. The Luke Cage series is a spin off of Jessica Jones. We know the Hero’s for Hire which all of them center around Hell’s Kitchen. The Series aired on Netflix September 30, 2016 and broke the bandwidth on Netflix’s streaming, because so many people were tuning in to this amazing series. It is a good time for good Black shows. You have a black hero and  the show is thought provoking. Luke Cage is a hit show. For the haters that are uncomfortable for it being a black show need to sit down some where, if it was that bad you wouldn’t be watching it.  Actually , this show is diverse and for comic fans your gonna love it.For years we have watched white super hero’s. It’s time to see the Black hero’s like Luke Cage , Misty Knight, Storm and Black panther  do their thing on the big screen. We are proud of you guys and we wish you continued  success. Thank you for sitting down with us. Special thanks to Allied.

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