Donald’s Turning the Race into a Reality Show… Stop it !

Written by on June 16, 2015

Donald Trump is turning the political race into a reality tv show. No one takes Trump seriously. He needs to stick to the hotel business.  He is a clown , he is a reality tv star and he has been bankrupt  so many times.    He was so disrespectful in his speak today and he called all politicans “stupid” and called Obama a cheerleader.  He calls America a brand as if the America and its people are a business. He  sounded like a cocky idiot. He needs to stop and stick to real estate and stay out of politics.  He keeps talking about rich people problems. I notice his hair wasn’t   yellow this time , now it’s white.  I also noticed  he was foaming from the mouth, LOL.  That spit on the side of his mouth was not cute at all.  Lush on Politics   .. What are your thoughts? Do you think America takes him seriously ?

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