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Dog Days  is a heart tugging, dog loving, relationship finding, and a  romantically thought provoking comedy. It’s not all about dogs. It will make you grab a tissue and it will make you appericate the small things in life. Dog Days touches on  stepping out of your comfort  zone when it comes to changes in life. It touch’s on death and losing loved ones. It touches on new relationships. It teaches us  about letting go and moving on. It also, shows that everyone is connected through these wonderful creatures called dogs. The bonds we share and how helping others can be so rewarding. Love is found in so many different places and even in place we don’t want to find them. Sometimes it’s okay to just jump out on faith and just do it.   All these characters were connected and all found peace in some way through a little help from each dog in this movie. I have to say my favorite dog was cute little helmet-wearing Chihuahua named Gertrude. She stole my heart and she brought Barista Tara (Vanessa Hudgens)  and New Tricks Dog Rescue  center’s owner Garrett (Jon Bass) together. This was a star studded cast. The funniest part is when the  Charlie the dog got high off of a brownie. He was stuck lol. It is still funny. Mable  brought a family together. Therapist Danielle (comedienne Tig Notaro) was hilarious when she said  “That  it will be $300” everytime she had a session with  Elizabeth (Nina Dobrev) and one time she never even brought the dog.  This is a must see family film. I would watch it again. I think I want a dog now after watching this movie, but I don’t want to clean the poop. Maybe I need more time to think about it. The cast did a great job. I give this movie four thumbs up.  #funloving #wagyourtail #relationshipgoals #love -lushylush-Movie Reviews 


In theaters on August 8th

Rating: PG 

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Cast: Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, Finn Wolfhard, Adam Pally

Director/Writer: Ken Marino

Dax and Charlie of Dog Days


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