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@crazyrichasians #movie is a must see #redcarpet#HenryGolding plays Nick. Constance plays Rachel Chu. Funny man and real life #doctor@kenjeong play Goh Wye Mun. #MichelleYeoh plays Nicks mother. This all star #Asiacast from different Asian backgrounds. I feel this movie will break the Asian stereotypes. The Asian men are leads and the are charming. This slight comedy but, it gets real. It is like a modern day #romeoandjuliet Two people who love each other from different worlds. Nick doesn’t tell Rachel until she gets to Nicks friends wedding that he rich in the way there. Nicks mother wants Nick to be with a certain type of woman. The movie touches on culture, pressures of tradition, relationships, traditional Asian verses American Asians and true love. Nick has to choose between family and true love. You have to see this movie. I’m love of the Asian culture and tradition. You have check this movie out. #crazyrichasiansmovie #crazyrichasians It’s based on a book. #lushradioonline #movies #lushreviews   Shoutout to Ken Jeong for the like on instagram for our review on the movie.


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