Exclusive Interview w/ Actor Samuel Robinson (Nigerian Actor) from the show “The Governor”

Written by on September 15, 2016

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1.Samuel how old were you when you first started acting?

I began acting in 2013. I was 15 Years old.

2. How did you land the role on the Governor series?

I’d like to say I, was just called and offered the role but I can’t. I went through a number of auditions and call backs. They had to make sure the actors all had good chemistry to pick the very best for their respective roles. I had to work extra hard because I was already on an Ebonylife TV series ” Desperate Housewives Africa” so I needed to prove to them that I could dive into another completely different character. It was not easy.

3. The role you play , is it close to how you are in real life or are you totally opposite?

The role Toju which I play on The Governor ‎is completely opposite from my real life. Toju is the son of The Governor, he is privileged and has everything he wants and needs handed to him. I however had to work hard to get everything I have. I became an Orphan at age of 12 and have fought and hustled to get to where I am now. Toju and Samuel are completely different people.

4. What other  talents do you have ?

Asides from acting, I’m a really good singer.

5. Do you think it’s a lot of pressure being a  child of someone who is a political figure?

I definitely do. ‎It’s incredibly difficult for my character Toju to live a normal life. Everything he does and says is put under a microscope. It’s also hard for him to make normal friends who like him for him and not just because he is the son of The Governor.

6. What is your biggest highlight in your career?

I play a lead role in a Movie called Green White Green which was one of the 8 movies from Nigeria selected to screen at “The Toronto International Film Festival”‎ one of the biggest film festivals in the world. I think this has been the biggest highlight in my career so far. You guys should check it out when it hits the Cinemas **winks**

7. Do you have any upcoming projects?

I do. I just signed up to film another TV show call‎ed Benson Ville which should be out next year. I’m pretty excited about it.

8. Are there any other things you might want to venture into, such as fashion etc?

I definitely would like to venture into other industries asides acting such as Fashion and Agriculture.

9. Would you like to come to the US and act in Hollywood films?

Definitely. I look forward to working in Hollywood and I will jump at the opportunity when it comes.

10. Where are you originally from ?

I am Nigerian. I was born and grew up in Lagos.

11. What kind of advice would you give young kids trying to get into acting?

To the young kids with dreams out there, I say; Don’t be afraid to start chasing your dreams. Start where you are with what you have, start now. This is the only way you can grow and succeed.

12. Do you have any charities you involved in?

I do, however I don’t like talking about them. I feel like helping people in need shouldn’t be something to brag about.

13. How can we check you out on social media and where can people check out the show? ‎

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the handle @SamuelRobinsonX

The Governor airs every Thursday at 9pm West African Time and 10pm everywhere else on ELTV, channel 165 on DSTV. Check It Out!!!

Thank you again for having me. You guys are Awesome.


Check out the Governor


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