Q&A with Reality TV Star Amber Bryant from Bravo’s New Series Mother Funder’s

Written by on June 15, 2015

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  1. What made you get active in the Parent Teacher Organization?

My husband coached many of the kids at the school that Griffin will be attending soon. I thought it was a great                    opportunity to get involved and help bring more resources to the school

  1. How did you get involved with Mother Funders project?
    The president approached me with the idea. Since we worked together previously she was familiar with how I worked. She thought I could help bring awareness to the cause and fundraise.



  1. We saw the commercial for the show, and we see you guys are trying to raise money for the school and your events. In regards to the fundraising aspect, what are some challenges you faced when working with the other moms?

The biggest challenge was that we live in a small community, so we were all hitting the same businesses to donate for        each of our events. Some of the women had never done fundraising, and it may have been awkward for them to ask for        money.


  1. Reality TV has become really popular and common on television. What makes Mother Funders different?

The difference is that this show is all about positivity and helping the community. It’s not about our lives, or following     what we do. It’s about the good we so for the school. You will see parts of our lives, and get to know our families but            everything relates to our main goal of fundraising.


  1. What do you think each woman brings to the table for this show?

We each have our own thing that makes us unique. Some of the women are really creative, others are good with    marketing and then there are those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. You’ll have to watch the first and figure out     who is who.


  1. Is there anything else you’re involved in that we should know about?

I am a Montessori educator and created a life skills curriculum called the Odyssey program. I have done it at my Alma    Mater, Douglass High School in Atlanta, for two years. It’s also offered at a Montessori high school program in Henry       County. I’m looking forward to offering it nationwide and training educators on how to teach the course.


  1. What advice would you give parents joining a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?


I think you should come with an open mind and creative spirit. All PTO’s are not bake sales and fall festivals. To raise a     lot of money, you need to have big ideas.


  1. How can we find you online via social media?

My handles on on Twitter, Instagram, and tumbler as @IamAmberBryant and Facebook as Amber Bryant

Make sure you check out  Mother Funder’s on Bravo.



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